Kinesiology is on the cutting edge of energy science.

“Stella's teaching are aligned perfectly to all the you need to know at this time of change.

Information for the future. I cannot recommend enough "

- Mrs M F  - Birmingham


When working with Stella she will look at every level of your health and well being; Physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual ; in order to identify any areas of imbalance. Symptoms of ill health, mental and emotional unease or feelings of being stuck on your life path are rarely the result of only one thing. Stella will work with you to ensure that you become the fullest and most balanced version of yourself possible.



Our subconscious mind is like a huge computer that is in control between 93% and 95% of the time. You need to eliminate the energy that is supporting the negative, self sabotaging patterns that are limiting you .



Stella’s aim when working is to provide each client with a profound healing experience. Every treatment works at the deepest levels of your being in order to achieve maximum healing from every session.

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The aim of the workshops is to empower your journey with a greater knowledge of yourself combined with some deep healing experiences. .

These workshops are always filled to capacity and are a wonderful way to meet others on a similar path of personal growth and development